Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the gestational Right to Life and the Dependency Created by its Support at Law

A Facebook commenter asked me yesterday whether those of us who support "forcing a mother to give birth to an unwanted child" -- that is, protecting the unborn child's right to life -- would be around to adopt or support the child being born, or whether we would just let them fill up the streets and probably die of starvation anyway.

The answer is: Yes, we would!  Most pro-life advocates (not all, but most) are Judeo-Christian in their religious outlook.  Orphanages and foster care have long been the grateful privilege of the Christian Church, "to care for the least of these", even if their own parents don't want to (abortion) or can't (have to give up for adoption).

Originally, I had the following conclusion:
Unfortunately, however, orphanages are no longer legal in the United States.  That leaves a huge burden on the individual couples who might desire and have the resources to adopt.  Historically, the orphanages were the default place for "unwanted" or otherwise guardianless (for various tragic reasons, not just that nobody wanted them) children.  Of course, the goal was to adopt these out to worthy and desiring families as soon as possible, but if such was not possible, at least they were taken care of.

Pro-Life advocates should also fight for the legalization of orphanages, and (upon legalization) should petition and provide for their Churches to establish and oversee them in every city.

However, I did a little research, and I found out that there is such a thing as Residential Treatment Centers (see, e.g., which are the modern descendants of Orphanages.  So such things are possible, if somewhat difficult to run.

My new conclusion is as follows:

Pro-Life advocates should also, as a supporting matter, petition and provide for their Churches and Organizations to establish and oversee such centers in every city.

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