Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On the nature of the Western confessions...

In this excellent romp through Church History, Khomiakov elucidates the impetus and disease underlying the Western Schism, and the means of its healing, clearly identifying the core values of the Western Schism in its two halves (Romanism and Protestantism [and touching on the two further halves of this as well]).

Highly accessible to both scholar and layperson alike, this article includes a brilliant (and I dare say holy) description of the Orthodox Church, and a careful but direct demarcation of the ground it stands on (and a critical comparison of that solid rock to the shifting sands of the West).

The reader will also have obtained, by the end of the piece, a clear understanding of the reason that the filioque controversy is such a touchstone, and was the watershed of the schism, without having to melt his or her brain by touching (beyond the broad ecclesiological considerations being discussed, of course) on the particulars of the doctrine and/or the specific theological implications of its acceptance in the West, nor the particular theological reasons for its rejection by the East.


(NOTE: In the article, the Translator notes that Khomiakov may be referring in a particular place to an earlier article of his, entitled "The Church is One", and the webmaster provides a link.   However, that link is broken in the above linked version of the article.  Here is a substitute link:


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