Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Free-Form Poetry, by ME! :)

All formatting and spelling (or lack thereof) intentional.
And if it turns out something wasn't -- well that just proves the point, I guess.....

Life is messy
 -- No doubt about it!

Some of it can be UNmessed,
Organized, packt up in
Neat little boxes
 -- With straight sides and
Square corners flush and
Trim -- Nary a slot for
Carbon paper a-'tween 'em!

Some of the boxes, on the other
Hand, bulge a little bit,
And the neat little grid
Begins to drift.  The
Yarn loosens,
Unravels a tad, and
Next thing you know you've got a
Hair-Ball on the carpet and no idea
Where the cat went.

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