Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Atrocities in high places...

What happened last night in the gallery of the Texas Senate is ATROCIOUS, and should be considered so regardless of your standpoint on the bill in question. First off, neither we as a nation, nor Texas as a State, are a "democracy". In fact, the Constitution of the United States specifically requires all participant States to have be republics, not democracies, and the Constitution of Texas explicitly states that Texas is, in fact, a Republic.

That means representative government.

What is so atrocious about what happened last night, is that rather than allowing the rule of law (including filibusters) to work, the so-called "people" simply overrode the law.

I say "so-called" because the people shouting in the gallery were NOT elected. They (illegally, in my opinion) inserted themselves (via their voices) in the place of the ELECTED representatives (on both sides!) in the Senate well.

I say it is atrocious because this sets a precedent of "barroom" so-called "lawmaking", without order, and without law.

Democrats: ask yourself: do you REALLY want our system to become a system of whoever can scream the loudest? That might work in your favor right now, for the bill last night; but what of the future? Political winds change, and people can be paid to show up in a gallery. What if we simply shout down a vote on one of your favorite projects? Say...gun control, or gay marriage. You'd be screaming bloody murder, and rightly so. So why champion lawlessness now?

Reading this, I'm reminded of the general chaos of the French Revolution. Is that what's next? You think children in the womb are innocents who need protection of law? To the guillotine with you! You think people have a right to keep the fruits of their labor? Exile! You think people should respect social institutions that have proven themselves time and again for thousands of years, even before Christianity had even arrived on the scene, even when homosexuality was openly practiced without shame, and that rushing to destroy or alter that institution is ill-advised? Off with his head!

And so forth...

But Steve, you're exaggerating! Perhaps. But I see in this the seed of that, it's spirit.

Lord, have mercy!

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