Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quick update...

I just noticed it's been a month and a day since I posted last!  Man, how time flies!

Anyway, I've been (as usual) super busy, and will remain so through the end of next week, so here's a quick quick rundown of some things I've been up to lately.  I'll expand on a couple of these after next week, when I have more time:

 * Went to a Four-Day Defensive Handgun Course at Front Sight, and passed the skills test with a "Distinguished Graduate" level, which is the highest you can get.  To receive a "DG", you must "shoot down" 0-13 points.  That is, your points must be with 13 of the maximum possible.  I "shot down" 9.   In other words, I missed 3 shots, but they were still in the "body" on the target -- they weren't complete misses, just outside the "optimal" area.  (Complete misses are -5 each.)  I was one of two people in a class of 39 to receive a DG.

 * Been working on some super secret projects that will be revealed to the public soon.  I'm excited about them, and I'll probably link to them here once they are launched.

 * Been having theological debates via e-mail with the (second) pastor under whom I grew up in MD.  Those have been fun. :)

 * Been dancing a lot!  I'm still doing country and blues, and I've now added Tango; I'm even taking lessons.  :)

 * Been reading a lot, too.  I'll have to do a few book reviews when I get a little more time.

Next week (actually, it technically began last night, but who's counting...) is Holy Week in the Orthodox Church.  I'm not even gonna get into the details (they're rather headache-inducing), but in summary the Orthodox Church is on a different liturgical calendar than the West (read: Roman Catholics and Protestants), so our Easter (which we call Pascha) is next week, not five weeks ago like most of you probably celebrated.

That means that this week will be super busy, going straight to church after work, and being there for a few hours each night.  But I wouldn't miss it!  It's honestly the best time of the year, IMHO.

Anyhoo....more later; gotta run! :)