Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poem by a friend...

My friend Jake Haskins posted this poem, and it touched me enough I asked him if I could repost it, and he agreed. :)

Why, oh heart, do you love so easily?
Do you not know the rocky precipice
Upon which you tread?

Your hopes have been dashed,
And tears shed,
But still you love.

You run heedlessly into the fire,
Though you've been burned,
But still you love.

You break again and again,
But still you love.

Why, oh why, oh heaven above,
Must I traverse this rocky shoal?

You take wing and are smashed below,
But still you love.

God's grace will find you
And make you whole,
Nourishing your soul --
This is why we love.

We see His proofs of love all 'round,
His blood on the ground,
And we can love.
Hope eternal and the Love which confounds,
Dispensation so profound!
God lowers himself to the ground
That we may love.

The freeing gift lifted high --
Draw nigh! Draw nigh!
Hope eternal,
Earth raised to heaven.
This is our hope;
This is our Love.

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