Thursday, November 8, 2012

On love...

I wrote this for a friend:

"I love you." More powerful expression never made.
The Song of Creation, these words cause the entire universe
to harken, to rejoice, to peer with trembling
at the union of lover and beloved.

Come, all you nations!
Come you earth!
Come you heavens, and that abyss that is above the heavens!
Mountains, hills, valleys,
Fruited plains and deserts,
well-springs and forests
Sea, air, and all the things therein
Cattle, birds, fish, and creeping things!

Come, all of creation, both visible and invisible!
Hear my voice, my cry.
Witness the mystery, and be amazed!

"I love you." Spoken, sometimes, in words, more often in deeds —
a look, a touch, a gift unexpected —
but always healing, always bringing life.

What then is this pain I feel? This loneliness? Where is my beloved?
To whom shall I flee when my soul sorrows,
longing to be granted entrance
to this garden of delights?
Or, having once tasted its sweet fruit, to return?

Nevertheless, I shall not fear.
Fear flees where love is. Death itself is slain by love!
I will never cease loving, and never fear! For Love conquers all.

Love loves me,
comforts me,
indeed, created and recreates me,
that I may love, for I am loved!

And so I shall. My neighbor and my enemy,
stranger, acquaintance, and friend —
My love shall embrace all!

I will acquaint myself with Love,
I will acquit myself by Love,
I will suffer all things for Love,
For all things pass away, but Love remains.

God grant me the grace to live this.


  1. Hi Steve,
    This is beautiful, well done. I especially love the last verse and the line "death itself is slain by love."

    1. Thanks, Saskia! That idea is not original to is a variation on the Orthodox proclamation that "Christ is risen...death is slain", combined with John 3:16.


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