Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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EDIT; UPDATE (10/06/2012): As per my latest post, I am no longer in need.  God has provided.  Many thanks to the one who did contribute -- and out of your own lack to boot, like the churches of Macedonia; may God bless you out of Zion, and remember you in His Kingdom always.

You may notice the new PayPal Donate button on the right column.

Basically, due to some rather unusual circumstances, I'm a bit strapped financially right now.  If you want to give me money, you can use the button at right! :)

This will be used to keep me afloat for the next two weeks until I get my regular paycheck.

I find myself in an unusual situation at this time, and just need a few dollars to get me through the next two weeks.

I am usually good with my money, and I work a full-time job making a decent wage.  Recently, I saved up to go on a vacation (half of which was not really a vacation, but attendance at a theological school residency).

Everything would have been fine, except that when I got back, my (parked) car got hit.

The other party is refusing to pay for it, in spite of the fact that both insurance companies and the police said that it was the other party's fault (they were drunk, and I wasn't even IN my car -- it was parked).

So now I have to use my own insurance to pay for it, and wait for them to go after the other insurance for the deductible, which I have to pay up front.

Normally, even this would not be a problem.

However, having it happen immediately after coming off of a two-week unpaid vacation -- well, I now, after paying rent and my bills, have $93.30 to my name, to get me through the next two weeks until I get paid again.

If it were just me needing food, that would not be a problem.  I've had to tighten my belt before, and have no problem doing so now.

However, because the other party is refusing to pay, I'm having to pay for a rental car in the meanwhile, which is $20/day.

Obviously, I don't have money for both the car and food and any other expenses that might come up in the interim.

So I'm here, begging for a few hundred dollars total to get me through to the next paycheck.  I make enough that I most likely won't need anything after that.  (I hope not, anyway!)

I'm going to do whatever odd jobs I can find in the mean while to try to earn some immediate cash.  But anything helps!

Can you spare a few dollars?

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