Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Recommendation

I am almost done reading The Eucharist: Sacrament of the Kingdom, by Fr. Alexander Schmemann.

I cannot recommend this book more highly!

Of course, I believe it will have the most impact on Orthodox people, in affirming and renewing (again!) their faith, if only because it's written by an Orthodox priest, about the Liturgy that the Faithful experience every week.  So we have a real concrete experiential knowledge to what he's talking about.

However, even for those who are not Orthodox, or even who are not liturgical or sacramental, I think it gives a masterfully woven, completely historical and solidly scriptural look into what liturgy and sacrament are really all about.  So if you don't want to begin to understand, don't read this book. ;)

If you want to get a taste, Google Books has it, but with most of the book removed.  :( However, on quick review, I'm pleased to notice that there is a good portion of the first and second chapters -- definitely enough to get a feel for the book.  I must warn you, though, that it just gets better and better as the book progresses (kind of like the Liturgy itself ;) ), so -- as excellent as the first part is -- you're still only getting a little glimpse of the full glory.


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