Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, it's been quite some time since I posted...a little over a month, in fact.

In the mean while, I've turned 26, and also gotten a chance to visit some relatives I didn't even know (until recently) that I had, in West Virginia.

I had a wonderful time with my Dad, visiting my uncle Tom, my aunt Sharon and her husband Jack, and my Great Aunt Norma!

One of the neatest things about the whole experience was hanging out with Aunt Norma, who is about to turn 91 next month. She's got stories to tell, lemme tell ya! And fascinating ones, at that.

She took us to a couple of unmarked family graveyards from back in the day. (The graves are marked, but the actual graveyards aren't. You have to know where they are, since they are back in the forest off the beaten paths -- you have to hike a bit.)

She told stories about each of the people buried in these graveyards, some of whom she knew from when she was little, and some of whom had even fought in the Civil War!

I took lots of pictures and video, and when I got back to CA, I renewed my membership and started my research back up with the new data I had gotten from the trip.

It was awesome to find the Civil War military service records of some of my ancestors, and to be able to help some of the other people who are researching the same section of the tree with the more accurate details gleaned from the trip. (Some of them had a lot of fuzziness in their data.)

Anywho...that's it for now.