Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"God Gave us a Book" -- um....

I came across this article today, in which the author expresses his opinion regarding Scripture.

I have to wonder, though, if this article is actually satire. It is such a fantastic example of the errors of Protestant (particularly "low-church") thought in many areas!

I will do my best not to die laughing and/or get completely pissed off while I review the problems with it.

In the first section, I do think he's dead on when he says, "Secularism is, more fundamentally, an utter denial of the sacred..." (So you see, I'm not disagreeing just to be contrary.)

In the second, (I'm still agreeing with him), his description of what the Bible is and how it came about (his understanding of inspiration) is excellent!

It's the third section that goes completely off the rails. And even it starts good. All the way through his statement, "Christianity is not merely a creed or an experience", I'm saying, "Amen!"

But his next sentence is astounding: "[Christianity] is, rather, a body of rational ideas which come from the mind of God."

*double-take* Say what?

This is the root of all of Protestant (and, to a large extent, Roman) error. Christianity certainly contains "a body of rational ideas which come from the mind of God." But it is highly inaccurate to say that Christianity IS that body of ideas.

He goes on to say that Jesus personifies the nature of God in that His life perfectly manifested that body of ideas.

Then he piles folly on folly and states, "Now that Jesus is gone, God communicates to us by means of a book." (emphasis his)

Bwahahahaha! He needs to read Matthew 18 and John 14-16.