Friday, April 9, 2010

Excuses, Excuses....

It has been nearly two months since I posted anything on here. Here are my excuses. :)

  1. I have been extremely busy, especially with Lent.

  2. I have several posts in the works (drafts), but I've not had the time to finish them.

  3. Hey, I'm posting now, am I not? LOL

  4. I'm exploring a much richer, deeper, older tradition of the church than the one I have, until recently, participated in; and the more I learn the less I know. Or at least, the more there is on which I feel I'm being completely arrogant to render an opinion.

I sincerely hope that problem #4 never goes away, although I do hope it diminishes somewhat.

I will still continue to post, but please just take the posts for what they are: my opinion, at the moment. There are certainly some things that are "written in stone," as it were. But not nearly everything I write or say.

Ok, enough for now. Back to work for Steve. :)

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