Friday, April 9, 2010


From Apostolic Observation, by Fr. Patrick Reardon.

[I]t is fundamental to the Christian faith that we are not saved by an idea, not even a religious and moral idea, but by God's direct intrusion into our history.

This is the quote I originally started this post for, but here's the next paragraph, which, to me, is just awesome!

This affirmation, we contend, pertains to the very essence of the Christian faith as expressed in its earliest formulation by St. Peter: "Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ." This is the event by which human history acquires significance and every human life receives the offer of salvation.

'Nough said.

Random life update...

I've posted a lot on theological issues, and a couple of times on political issues. But I haven't really posted much on my life.

A conversation with some (relatively new, but fairly awesome) friends recently has put it in my mind to write a short (by necessity) biography of my life so far. So that's in the works.

But for this post, I just wanted to give a quick rundown of some things I've enjoyed recently. Here they are, in whatever order popped into my head at the moment. :)

I very much enjoyed Becoming Orthodox, by Fr. Peter Gillquist.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with a group from church to the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco for their Annual Lenten Retreat.

I'm currently reading Changes, by Jim Butcher. It's pretty good so far!

I need to get together with some friends for "powder therapy" (read: fun at the shooting range) again soon. :)

I'm currently (like, as I type) listening to Ancient Faith Radio streaming live. I've also been enjoying the podcast collections Our Life in Christ and At the Intersection of East and West immensely.

I'm going through "Lent withdrawal." I've only been to one church service after Sunday this week, and I feel like someone used to eating three meals a day who is now forced to subsist on one (albeit large) meal every other day. I can't wait (although I'm gonna have to) until tomorrow night! (Vespers service.)

I'm going to a friend's birthday party tonight.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to lunch. :-D

Christ is Risen!

Excuses, Excuses....

It has been nearly two months since I posted anything on here. Here are my excuses. :)

  1. I have been extremely busy, especially with Lent.

  2. I have several posts in the works (drafts), but I've not had the time to finish them.

  3. Hey, I'm posting now, am I not? LOL

  4. I'm exploring a much richer, deeper, older tradition of the church than the one I have, until recently, participated in; and the more I learn the less I know. Or at least, the more there is on which I feel I'm being completely arrogant to render an opinion.

I sincerely hope that problem #4 never goes away, although I do hope it diminishes somewhat.

I will still continue to post, but please just take the posts for what they are: my opinion, at the moment. There are certainly some things that are "written in stone," as it were. But not nearly everything I write or say.

Ok, enough for now. Back to work for Steve. :)