Friday, October 9, 2009

Eschatology -- Funny?

Just got done watching this video, entitled "An Evening of Eschatology", in which each of the three major views regarding the Millenium are presented, and discussed. The event was hosted by Bethlehem College and Seminary, produced by Desiring God, and moderated by Pastor John Piper.

I highly recommend this as a primer on the three views presented, and as a starting point for one's own internal journey in the area of eschatology. (If you don't know what "eschatology" is, watch the first few minutes of the video: they explain it in layman's terms.)

I never thought such a "dry" subject could be discussed so hilariously. I laughed more through those two hours than through the majority of "comedy" movies/shows I've seen, put together. These men are genuinely hilarious! You can tell they truly enjoy each other's company, even though, at the same time, they vociferously object to various points of each other's positions.

This video is also a great example of how believers can hold differing viewpoints on the "non-essentials", vigorously debate and defend those viewpoints, and still be one in Christ, because of the love of Christ flowing in and through them. Many Fundamentalists would do well to take note.

I hope you enjoy the video. Whether you enjoy it or not, feel free to comment below. :)

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